Braindisconnect originally started out as my AIM (AOL Instant Messanger) name in the early 2000's. I was working working as a Network Engineer at MCI and we were heavy users of AIM. It was tough to find a unique name that didnt have a suffix of numbers a mile long. While working at MCI, we had covered so many different protocols, I kept notes on my cube wall, and later in a text file.

Several years later I registered braindisconnect.com, .net, and .org when there was a special for domain registration. Although I owned the domain, I was really just using the domain for my email address.

A couple of years later I setup a web server to start hosting my notes since I would lose my notes when I got a new PC or the notebooks and papers would get lost... So I decided to stand up a server to keep my notes. I keep a few notes on topics that come up rarely so I wouldn't have to go through a ton of documentation and forums to re-produce the desired results.

Most of them are my personal notes, but I do have a some from websites that are no longer around. I used to have them hidden on the website, but decided to open them up in case anyone else may need them.