Rainwater Collection

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First Flush
Leaf Eater Downspout Filter
Gutter Mesh
CDC on Rainwater
CDC on Slow Sand Filtration

Plan is to make a roof catchment system viable for drinking water and all other uses.

Filtering begins at the gutter using the Gutter mesh and then the Leaf Eater Downspout filter. Next, the first flush system eliminates most of the initial contaminants. Once the first flush fills up, the diverted cleaner water goes through a DIY filter using something to dispersing plate, mesh, gravel, mesh, wood charcoal, mesh, gravel, and a final layer of mesh. The mesh should allow for full water flow as this is a preliminary filter. Water will then flow into storage tanks. This water will be used for general water needs, but not drinking water. Water from these tanks will be gravity fed to a potable water system as well as the house, barn, and shop for general use.

The potable water system will be at the greenhouse and gravity fed to the house, barn, chicken house, and shop. Water pumped from the Rain Harvesting system will traverse slow sand filters, sediment filter, UV filter, activated charcoal filter and then storage tanks.

All locations will have some sort of Rain Harvesting system to feed the next lower location.